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Class Descriptions and Explanations

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A CLASS is a group of STUDENTS, consisting of SIX or more.
A Class Minimum is SIX (6) STUDENTS.
When 3 to 5 Students are in the class, it will be considered a semi-private class & the cost will be $10.00 per person.
When 1 to 2 students are in the class it will be considered a private class & the cost will be $15.00 per person.
The option is to have the class as stated above…or cancel, till the following week
6:00pm BASIC Class - New students are invited to attend at any week of the month.

7:00 & 8:00pm Classes - Progress throughout the month.  Whether you are a new student or an experienced dancer, you are encouraged to start the first week of the month.

CLASSES with no level description - Progress at the average level of the students in the class.

CLASSES labeled BASIC - Work on the basic foundation and style of that dance. Basic classes concentrate on basic footwork, frame, leading, following, timing, rhythm, and more simple patterns. Practicing basics will help you become more confident and a smooth dancer.

INTERMEDIATE (INT.) CLASSES - Experience another level of difficulty, working on variations and/or extensions to the basics, and a variety of tempo’s. THEY DO NOT WORK ON THE BASICS…you need to know them.

PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE of the other dancers in the class, put time into your basics before considering an INTERMEDIATE class.



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Lindy Hop
Lindy Hop is the GRANDFATHER of all SWING.  Lindy does not need to be a dance in itself.  Use it to add more variety to swing.