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Nov. & Dec. Class Schedules for 2019

Youngstown, Ohio Dance News
Happy Feet's Group Dance Class Schedules for
November & December of 2019 have been posted.

CLASSES labeled BASIC, work on the basic foundation and style of that dance. Basic classes concentrate on basic footwork, frame, leading, following, timing, rhythm, and more simple patterns. Practicing basics will help you become more confident and a smooth dancer.
let you experience another level of difficulty, working on variations and/or extensions to the basics, and a variety of tempos. THEY DO NOT WORK ON THE BASICS … you need to know them.

of the other dancers in the class, put time into your basics before considering an INTERMEDIATE class.

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Temporary Location for Monday Classes

Happy Feet News
ATTENTION: Happy Feet Dancers!

Due to a Remodeling Project at the Weathersfield Fire Dept...


The New Hope United Methodist Church
21 Fairview Ave. SE
Niles, OH

*** Our temporary location is less than one (1) mile south of the Weathersfield Fire Dept. on Robbins Ave. ***

The Church’s marquee is on Robbins Ave.
The entrance is on Fairview Ave.
Parking is on the East Side of the building.

MARCH 2019
6:00 SWING
7:00 WALTZ

APRIL 2019

View the flyer for contact info!


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Fun Dance Facts

Lindy Hop
Lindy Hop patterns are similar to and can be used in West Coast Swing.  It is great to dance to slower Fox Trot tempos, giving you more variety on the dance floor.